300 Days


I’m going through a really lovely rebellious period right now where I feel happy as hell to be doing my own thing in life. Being me. Sober and proud, baby. I spent some time feeling sad that I wasn’t like everyone else anymore, but now I am happily living my nonconformist, sober life. Time to explore some uncharted territory and find ways to be high on life- real, unfiltered, and raw.

I love this article by Prince Rama’s Nimai Larson about quitting drinking. She is a badass and I admire the shit out of people who make positive changes in their lives. I don’t look down on her, or the countless other amazing people I read about who have quit drinking, so why feel less than myself?

I think it is badass to take control of your life and stop doing something that is hurting you!

17 thoughts on “300 Days

  1. Congratulations on 300 days! That is fabulous, and so are you. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a sober weirdo, so glad that you’re happy to go your own way πŸ™‚ Sober star! xxx

  2. You know how I feel, so proud of you! I love the badass attitude, it will carry us further. I’m only a few days ahead. Too bad we’re not close we could celebrate together. Cheers to you Jen!

  3. Congrats!!! 300 days is SO right around the corner from ONE YEAR. Awesome to hear you sounding comfortable in your sober skin–it’s great, isn’t it?! I started to feel that way, too, probably same time as you, where I just found myself really loving my choice to not drink simply because I can do all this other stuff instead! I don’t have time to drink anymore! I not only am not in the physical pain, but my mental space has freed up and I’m more me-focussed, not ruminating on “being sober” so much anymore. YES. Major hugs coming your way, Jen!

    • Yeah drinking really seems like a huge waste of time. That is great that you can focus more on yourself instead of on “being sober”- it gets old after awhile but is necessary at first. I still read a lot and take time for recovery, but I definitely feel a lot more free these days, too. Thanks for the nice comment and your support! xo

  4. three hundred days is just amazing! well done you!

    and a great link, thank you. I loved when she said, “a relationship should bring out the best in you, not the worst.” that is a good yardstick for so many things. I need yardsticks at the moment having completely re-invented my life – hurrah! xx

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