Stress is No Excuse For Actin’ Dumb


My husband’s family, and therefore my family, our family (I’m still getting used to being married, can you tell?), is facing a big loss. We are traveling tomorrow to visit for what will, in all likelihood, be the last time we get to see this important person. In the midst of us rushing around, trying to make travel plans, and otherwise readying ourselves for the trip, my husband was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. Our old truck is probably toast and we will have to sue to get any money for it. My husband is not seriously injured, so we are beyond grateful for that. But really… hey universe… what’s up with today?

Anyway, let’s get positive up on this blog instead of dwelling in the mire. One wonderful thing about today is that I have not had the desire to drink at all, really. I know that it would not make anything better. Today would still suck. Because today just sucks. Period.

Being drunk would only make it harder. I would be hungover in the morning when we have to get up ridiculously early to drive to the airport. I might cry and feel sorry for myself instead of doing proactive things that are good for me like drinking tea and taking a hot bath. I wouldn’t want to go. I would not be acting like the mature adult that I am, a grown ass woman, if you will. Grown ass women face their problems head on instead of hiding from them.

I am not sure if I will be able to write much for the next few days, blog. But I will be back. I have made it 25 days and I am not quitting quitting without a fight. Even when life hands you shit instead of lemonade (pardon my language).