No Drama Here

My good friend is now hitched, and I made it through the wedding festivities without drinking, so I am feeling good about things. Tired, but good. I was the matron of honor in her wedding, which I have never done before, and turned out to be a pretty fun yet stressful experience. I freaked out last minute about giving a speech at the reception and told her I couldn’t do it, because it was making me feel like diving into the closest vat of champagne (and there was plenty of booze available), but she said one of the other bridesmaids could do it and all was well. I am glad that I spoke my mind, even though I probably should have done it earlier. Public speaking on top of a sober wedding turned out to be a bit too much for me to handle. Maybe after a year of sobriety it won’t be such a big deal… I don’t know. I feel a little sheepish about being so afraid of speaking in front of the wedding, but I am trying to honor my fears and understand when to push through them and when to walk away. No need to push myself too hard too fast- I think it’s self-care to say no when I feel pushed to the edge to the point where my sobriety is in jeopardy. In the end nobody gave a speech at the wedding at all, at least before I left, so I worried about it for nothing. Such is life.

The rest of the festivities- rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception- went fine without booze. The main difference is that I get more tired now…or maybe I just truly feel when I am tired instead of masking it with fake drunk energy. I officially feel like one of the old married ladies, but then I remember that I am part of an old married couple. I did a little dancing, ate some food, chatted with friends, and tried to keep my little guy from having a meltdown. We left at around 10pm and were in bed by 11:30, sober and happy.

My attitude continues to shift… slowly at times, but surely, towards this new sober place of being. And the beauty of waking up feeling good, albeit with a slight emotional hangover, but no shame (from doing something stupid like talking to my friend’s relatives and not remembering what I said, or acting inappropriate and flirty with someone while my husband stood and watched, or any number of other embarrassing possibilities) makes me feel happy. Oh, and being a sober role model to my child. I just LOVE those things. They seriously do not get old.

I have been thinking more and more about life and sobriety being big picture, so whenever I start to worry and doubt myself I try to take a step back. From there I can see that I am on the right track, and that there is no need to worry about anything all that much. My child is not going to be hurt by the effects of parental alcohol use/misuse as long as I stay vigilant, and as an ACOA, I feel so proud of that fact. My life is not going to be hurt by alcohol anymore.

Onwards to the rest of the summer. We have a trip planned in July to see some family on the West Coast, but no big plans otherwise. Time to settle into my new life even more fully as I approach one year sober in August. It sounds good to me. Not dramatic, not particularly exciting even, but nice and wholesome and WHOLE and happy and good.



5 thoughts on “No Drama Here

  1. I think you were absolutely right to say “no” to something difficult and stressful if you feel that it could threaten your sobriety. Yes, it’s good to push ourselves at times, but only so far. Sounds like you made a wise judgement call there, and thanks for sharing your fears about this – it’s the sort of thing I would get into a terrible state over! Glad to hear the wedding went well and you all had fun. I know that feeling of being tired at the end of the night when everyone who’s drinking seems to be getting some kind of second wind and are all ready to keep partying… but basically I am getting tired when I’d normally go to bed. And that’s normal, right? xxx

  2. I think it’s so good that you knew your limit and you were brave enough to say it, out loud. It makes me think about how I never had any limits when I was drinking- it was all permissible. And that was not a good thing. Weddings are really stressful when you’re still getting used to being sober- being around a lot of drunk people isn’t really that fun when you’re sober. “Wow, yes. I liked the story about your automatic litter box much better the fifth time I heard it.”

  3. You did very well. My first wedding without alco was also one which I was originally asked to be maid of honour for. Eventually I asked the bride to nominate a co-moa as it was too overwhelming for me. It shows courage and faith in yourself to understand your limits. πŸ™‚ I can so relate to your experiences the morning after. It was awesome waking up and remembering everything, knowing I didn’t mess up ‘as usual.’ πŸ™‚

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