Awkward Convos

I have been experiencing some awkward conversations about alcohol lately. It seems like certain people talk about it a lot, and I no longer really know what to say during those conversations since I don’t ever ingest or taste it anymore, so I just kind of nod when the subject is brought up. I mean, most of these people KNOW that I don’t drink. It’s not a huge deal, just kind of weird and funny when it happens. Here is a funny/witty/curse-word-filled article about addiction from Cracked that talks about many things, one being the awkward conversations about alcohol that happen after you quit. I enjoyed it and related to many of the realizations…maybe you will, too.

7 Things You Don’t Realize About Addiction (Until You Quit)

It is always nice to know that we aren’t alone. Never, ever. Have a great day!




11 thoughts on “Awkward Convos

  1. I hate when that happens.. and I’m feeling awkward.. and there’s nowhere to go.. and you feel just uncomfortable.. and kind of awkwardly smile… not sure how we can avoid those ones… just try and avoid them I suppose! Happy Easter xx

  2. Thanks for the article. It’s a good one! I’ve had a couple of those awkward alcohol conversations recently. In one I felt like a liar, as I didn’t want to own up that I’d quit and I ended up discussing wine varietals. I won’t do that again! The other time I was being open about quitting and my friend was super uncomfortable with that. But reading the article, and your experience with this, is helpful, as I see this happens to us all and it passes and it does’t matter for long. I’m glad you’re doing well, awkward convos notwithstanding! Take care. xo

    • My most recent conversation ended up with me discussing champagne for a wedding toast and local wines. It was weird, but oh well. I think people just forget that I don;t drink and will not be tasting wine at a wedding or anywhere else, for that matter! Thanks TS! You take care, too. xx

  3. Great article. Thanks for the link! I just had one of those convos yesterday when someone was telling me about this little winery close by that does amazing tastings for super cheap and I should go. I smile and say that sounds like fun, adding silently …”for someone else,” thinking I’ll fly under the radar. Then my husband tells the guy I don’t drink. Gah. You can’t win.

    • Haha. Yeah, my husband doesn’t always understand subtlety in those situations either and has told many people that I don’t drink. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal, which is sorta refreshing. Thanks for your comment!! xx

  4. that’s a great article, loved it! and yes, had one of those conversations this week where I stood inanely grinning. think I need to borrow your or Rebecca’s husbands. for sober-bombing comments only, obv 😉

    did find one good line recently to gently remind someone I’m not drinking now… an acquaintance was bemoaning a slow run which she said might have had something to do with the huge amount of wine she’d had the previous night…I said, “well, my legs felt like lead too this morning, and I don’t know what my excuse is!” rather than what I wanted to say which was “WELL, DUH!” 🙂

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