Valentine’s Day Gratitude

I have been reading about love all over the place today. Love yourself, love others, and some ‘bah humbug’ feelings about love in general. I am pro-love all the way, baby. Love yourself in order to love others. For some of us it is difficult to love ourselves, but we can learn how to do it. We can get better at loving ourselves. Gratitude is helping me find my way towards self-love because I am being grateful for who I am, warts and all. πŸ™‚

So, what makes me ME? How can I celebrate that today?

First of all, I am grateful for my ever-seeking nature. I have always been a seeker of truth, information, answers, experiences, people, work, love. This led me down some strange paths when I was trying to find answers in a bottle of booze, but it has also led me here. To a place where I am finding my TRUE self more and more everyday, and also finding a spiritual and fulfilling way to live.

I am grateful for my genes. I bitch about them a lot because they hold alcoholism and some other nasty stuff, but they also hold intelligence, good looks, generosity of spirit, a strong work ethic, an adventurous nature, loyalty, and a good sense of humor. Ack! It feels uncomfortable writing nice stuff about myself like that. I am getting my brag on today. I would definitely write all of those things about my child, so why not about myself? Moving on…

I am grateful that I have an active imagination. I have a vision for the future, and it looks like a really nice place to live. My imagination has served me well throughout my life. It was how I survived childhood before I found alcohol to soothe my fears and escape from reality. It is really nice to get back to using my imagination for escape instead of booze. It is healthy and makes me feel like a kid again. How cool!

I am a capable, honest and good person. I knew it all along on some level, but it was getting lost underneath the booze. I lied to myself, therefore it became easier to lie to others in a myriad of ways. The true me lives life according to strongly-held values. It feels great!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gratitude

  1. Good for you for practising some self-love – I could benefit from learning this skill. Why is it we find it so hard to toot our own horn without feeling like some kind of narcissist? Taking notes πŸ˜‰

  2. Happy Valentines Day, you lovely inspiration! It’s wonderful you are able to focus on those positive and admirable qualities about yourself and cultivate self-love on a day where the majority of the population is highly invested in either companionship or self-pity.

    Keep up the self-loving, you deserve it! and have a fantastical day πŸ˜€

  3. Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to you! You are absolutely right-we do need to love ourselves. For every little flaw-there is a huge piece of beauty. Thanks for stopping us to remind us that we are worthy of loving and being loved πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing wrong with listing our assets now and then – can’t be all about the liabilities!! We live life to feel good and to be alive…and yeah, getting a brag on now and then…sassy and good for the soul πŸ™‚

    Happy V Day!


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