How to Surrender or Let Go

I never have really understood the concept of letting go. I mean…I understood it in an abstract way, but I didn’t actually know what it looked like to DO IT. It seemed hard. Unrealistic. I would “let go” only to have invasive thoughts creep back into my head…thoughts that I TOLD myself I was letting go of. It just didn’t work. I eventually stopped trying because I felt like a failure at letting things go.

I have decided to focus my attention on the art of letting go. So, instead of trying to let go of my thoughts, I am now telling myself “I Surrender” throughout the day. It is a powerful mantra that really seems to work. It brings me back to the present moment to feel my feelings instead of dwelling on my negative thoughts. “I Surrender. I Surrender. I Surrender.”

I want to let go of my past. I want to let go of my obsessive thoughts. I want to let go of control, especially unhealthy control over things that I have no control over. I want to let go of guilt and shame. I want to be open. I want to listen to my inner voice. I want more peace. I want to gain more personal power. I want my life to be fluid. I want to surrender.


12 thoughts on “How to Surrender or Let Go

  1. I hear ya. Boy, do I hear ya! Yesterday, as I was meditating, I swear I was hearing voices in my head–it was like this din, voices from everywhere (commercials, the news, people outside) and about everything. It made me wonder, just how much is going ON in my brain that I am not even aware of, how much “self-talk” or even just that din of nonsense. I am trying to work on clearing that out so I can make room for positive thoughts and positive actions! xx

  2. Jen, I’m struggling with this, too. I’m such a doer, and I always think I can muscle through just about anything. Letting go, surrendering, getting out my own way, whatever it’s called, I know it’s what I have to learn. I’m not glad you’re facing the same stuff, but it sure is good to know there’s such good company along the way. Here’s to wishing you peace.

  3. Surrender almost seems the very opposite of what we’ve learned as we grew up, and even now – fight, fight, fight! Winner takes all! Never give up! The visuals of John Wayne holding down the fort or countless other novels, movies and news articles give us this winning idea that no one worth their salt give up. Ever.


    Giving up and surrender can be two different things. I surrendered myself to alcoholism, but I didn’t give up on me! See the difference? It took me a while to see that. Surrender means one thing – I can’t do this any more. Surrendering to the forces that i can’t control (namely other people) helps me stay relaxed and in serenity. Doesn’t mean I let others walk all over me. Just means that I surrender in trying to control others. But I can control how I react to others.

    Great post…a great reminder 🙂


    • For the first time in a long time I am not giving up on myself! That is the coolest. 🙂 I want to let go of some of the old me, though…the parts that hold me back from being my true self. I see the difference and think it is great.

  4. A couple of years ago someone left a comment on my blog to help me learn to let go. She said that when I had something to let go to imagine it in my hands and just throw my hands in the air and release it. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work!

    Now I’m going to use this mantra as well. More tools for my toolbox.


    • See…I’ve tried stuff like that and the stupid thoughts always return! This helps me because it reminds me to surrender to ‘what is’, which often means letting go of something, I guess? I don’t know, but I am with you! Always on the lookout for good tools. 🙂

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