The January Blahs


I have been feeling kind of low the past couple of days…after feeling pretty high for a few days from successfully getting through the holidays sober. It could be anything…too much sugar from leftover cookies, PMS, winter blahs, PAWS. Who really knows? I have been irritable with my husband, tired, depressed, and pretty unmotivated. January seems like the time to get started doing lots of healthy and productive things that I don’t really feel like doing right now.

So, I have decided that I am going to give myself a break. It is frigidly cold here today, and around many parts of the U.S., so I am staying in, cooking soup, playing with my babe, and catching up on episodes of Downton Abbey while he naps. No use beating myself up for feeling this way. I am going to surrender to my crappy feelings and try to have an okay day anyway. I shall take my vitamins, drink lots of tea and water, stay away from the cookies, and have faith that tomorrow will be a better day.

11 thoughts on “The January Blahs

  1. It’s very common to have the blues at this time of year with the weather and post-holiday stuff. Good on you for taking care of yourself and giving yourself the break you need. Tomorrow is a NEW day!

  2. Oh sounds like a lovely plan to beat away those blues. I always have an emotional slump after a big high.. it took me a while to realise that was my pattern in sobriety.. so now when I get a big high I prepare myself for the low to follow. And know that it is ok and normal and that it will pass. Sending love xxx

    • Thank you! I think I am figuring out my natural rhythms now that I am sober. At least the low’s don’t involve severe anxiety, depression, shame and guilt like they used to. This too shall pass. Thanks for your kind words. xx

  3. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like this. 29 days sober and yesterday I felt angry and bitchy. Today just bitchy and blue, so I’m lying low and eating chips and drinking ginger ale while I read more blogs from this community. Storm weather wise coming today so maybe thats a problem too. At least I’m not alone, that does make me feel better knowing this. Thanks.

    • Yeah, who knows what brings it on? I don’t think it has to do with sobriety aside from the fact that we used to cope with bad feelings by drinking them away… I am already feeling a tad better… Self-care really helps! I hope you are, too. xx

  4. I love how you put it, surrendering to the blahs! I do that a lot, but recently, I’ve started seeing just how much I do get done, or can be proud of, or that had made today–a blah day–worthwhile anyway! No matter what I tell myself, it’s been a good day: I got out of bed, I took care of myself, I wasn’t hung over, I took care of someone/thing else, I cooked something, etc. Hang in there. I was in a “just do it, you don’t have to like it” mood a few days ago, too, and I think some days will just be like that, matter what we want them to be. HUGS! xx

    • Yep, you are right…I still got things done today! I just felt kinda icky doing them and would have preferred to be in bed, but that is not an option with a one-year old. I think maybe I needed some “me” time after the holidays. I am feeling a bit better. Thanks for the encouraging words! xx

  5. Seems a lot of us are facing this post-holiday slump. I’ve felt it most years, so it must be “normal”. But I sure lost my grasp of normal vs abnormal while drinking lol. Congrats for coping and carrying on. Downton Abbey with tea is the perfect solution 🙂

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