10 thoughts on “A Friday Reminder

  1. I am grateful for a renewed sense of focus, that doesn’t flag all the time with my moods or external factors (rejection from editors!). I know that it never would have happened if I had given up being sober, even just a few months ago. I am grateful that I didn’t drink last night, b/c I sure wanted to thinking about all the people in costumes, getting drunk and having fun. I am grateful for my dogs, which despite everything, make me smile and tickle me inside. They are my “HPs”. πŸ™‚ Congrats to you–stay strong, you got this! xx

    • It is funny…Halloween was a huge trigger for me, too! I have struggled this week because of it. Not ever been really close to drinking, but I have been grouchier and feeling more “deprived” than normal. Seems kinda silly to feel that way over what is mainly a kid’s holiday! πŸ™‚

      I am glad you have so many things to feel grateful for. I hear you about having focus that doesn’t flag as easily. I have been meeting more goals with writing lately myself, where I would have been struggling if I was still drinking.

      And yay for dogs! πŸ™‚

  2. Grateful that the birds are tweeting softly outside marking the end of the day, grateful for the jug that is boiling and about to give me a lovely cup of herbal tea, grateful for the nice cosy bed I can climb into, grateful for all the brave sober warriors that blog and share so that I do not feel alone, grateful for being sober. Yes! xxx

  3. Oh! Long baby naps are such a wonderful thing for everyone. I’m grateful for those too. And for hot tea, and for Anne Lamott’s new book, and for soft tissues and Ricola lozenges. I’m even grateful for this awful cold so I can spend the day resting.

    I was thinking about last Halloween too, and how I was wasted last year. Drinking big cups of wine while we trick-or-treated. This year was so…..regular. I’m very grateful for that.

    • Ooh, Anne Lamott is such a good sobriety role model. I follow her on Facebook and she always has such interesting things to say. I also love her books. I am glad you are resting and finding the bright side in having a cold! Here’s to a regular, normal and non-eventful Halloween (and many more Holidays to come). xx

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