Limiting Belief: I Don’t Deserve Nice Things

Dear Limiting Belief,

I am here to tell you that I do in fact deserve the nicer things in life. Just because I want to be surrounded by things and people that make me happy, that are lovely and quality and nice, does not make me selfish or greedy. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be comfortable. Not all the time, perhaps. But I deserve these things, just like everybody else deserves these things. We do not always get what we deserve, but we are all worthy of the very best that life has to offer.

For some reason when it comes to my own wants and needs I am perfectly content scraping the bottom of the barrel. I am uncomfortable being acknowledged. “No, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry for taking up so much space. I don’t need anything or anybody. Everything is okay!” This is my attitude a lot of the time. Where the hell did this attitude come from? When did I start believing that wanting normal material possessions or the people around me to acknowledge certain things about my life makes me greedy and selfish? It’s not like I want a private plane and a yacht. I want a comfortably furnished home that reflects my style, quality clothing that makes me feel good about myself, and a safe car. I want people to celebrate me when it is my birthday or when I do something that I worked hard to accomplish. I have wants and needs, dammit! So do you. We all do, and they are okay to acknowledge.

Am I so afraid of being disappointed that I don’t even try to have my needs and wants met anymore? That I put them down, and by doing so put myself down? Why? Making myself small does not serve me or anybody else. It takes away from the world, in fact.

For some reason it was perfectly fine to drink all the drinks and smoke all the smokes. To engage in unhealthy relationships that made me feel bad about myself. When it comes to hurting myself I can have as much as I want. This is crazy!!

So, limiting belief, I am not listening to you anymore. I am going to acknowledge my wants and needs. I deserve good things, nice things, wonderful things. I am not selfish and greedy because of this.

11 thoughts on “Limiting Belief: I Don’t Deserve Nice Things

  1. You have made such progress and positive change you deserve rewards and happiness. Sending virtual hugs! I say take a portion of your savings from sobriety and buy a treat for you. Get yourself something that when you see it you think, now that is progress! πŸ˜‰

  2. I understand totally and also believe i do a lot of the same. I cannnot say it is getting easier. I am in such a grumpy mood that i know a glass but just a short quick fix so will not. Have been stressed and depressed as of late but also sick and eating too much junk so no rash acts allowed! I think the social piece and lack thereof is getting me down. But enough, just writing this out it does not seem that bad after all. Kettle calling. Love your blog!

  3. Yay! Sounds fab. Love it. I’ve heard it called the ‘burnt chop’ syndrome. We’re cooking dinner and if one chop burns we take it ourselves because we don’t think our own meal is as important.. or it’s down to us to accept the burnt one because it’s all we deserve. or something like that. It can also lead to feeling like a martyr which is also such a destructive mindset to be in. Oh god it’s such a constant isn’t it.. working out how to best live and navigate through moods and emotional shit without reaching for our beloved liquid cure-all. I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever figure out how to stay happy and calm all the time. Possibly not. But at least I know that I will never ever drink again and if that is all we achieve then that’s enough. Love your blog too! xxxx

    • Aw, thank you Mrs D! I love that- the ‘burnt chop syndrome’- hilarious. And so true! Just got to keep working towards being more calm, centered and happy on a daily basis, I guess! Not drinking is good because it helps with these types of realizations, which I wouldn’t have imagined at first. Thanks for your nice comment! xx

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