All Grown Up

I have found that I am a much more responsible person when I am not drinking. I have been taking care of IMPORTANT ADULT THINGS that I had been putting off for… let’s not even go there. These things would cross my mind every once in awhile but somehow I would never find the time, energy, or brainspace to deal with them. In the past few weeks I have:

– made an appointment to have a will made.

– made an appointment to get life insurance.

– called a few people that I have been neglecting to call (a couple of old friends, my mother-in-law).

– checked my credit report.

– opened a joint bank account with my husband.

– began the process of getting health insurance for myself through our new government programs (neat!).

It is amazing how things can slip through the cracks when your time is being devoted to drinking/being hungover/thinking about drinking/feel guilty about drinking/etc. Life seems much more hazy and unreal than it does when you are sober. I have a lot more time now, so why not take care of some things? I feel better knowing that they are done, which helps to strengthen my sobriety.

This does not mean that I am doing everything 100% responsibly, however. I have noticed that I can be kind of irresponsible with money when I am feeling depressed, which is something I need to be careful about. I am also secretive about money, just like I was about drinking. How bizarre! Yet, I don’t think it’s terribly uncommon. Alcoholics seem to transfer their problems from one thing to another.  Getting into debt or losing my husband’s trust regarding money would be hurtful to my sobriety, so I am going to do some things to combat this side of myself. One, I am going to try to be totally open and honest with him about money, even when I think I spent too much or did something wrong. Two, I am going to continue working on releasing stress in other ways. It makes me feel much better to have a plan in place.

Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. Wow, you are being very productive (or as they say, “getting shit done!”). Good for you! I am amazed at how much more productive I’ve been since putting aside the bottle. I really like it! But I agree with you, this whole process takes lots of work on all sides– including relationships, money, etc. Keep up your positive attitude. You may not know it, but I am inspired by you!

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