Bye, Bye Witching Hour… You Will Not Be Missed

I think it is time to focus on some good stuff. The past few weeks have been hard, but they are over, over, and over. Living in the present means embracing the happiness along with the sad, the good with the bad, etc. I made it through some shit times without drinking, and tried to take the time to appreciate some of the good parts of each and every day. And yesterday I noticed a totally freakin’ awesome thing- I no longer have been experiencing awful cravings every day between 4:30 and 7:30pm. Alright, sobriety! Is my witching hour diminishing or going away altogether? That is definitely something to be grateful for.

I still experience cravings during the witching hour on occasion, but they used to be seriously fierce EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL (even when I was drinking on the reg). I was told that it would get better, that eventually the witching hour would no longer exist in the same way, but it was really hard to believe. It is such a nice thing to experience those predictions coming true. Maybe, just maybe, that means I can trust people who have been there and done that. That is kind of a joke, but seriously! It is hard to trust others in regards to living sober because it is hard to know if your experience is the same. I mean, maybe I am the drunkest of the drunks and will ALWAYS feel like shit being sober. It is a thought process that makes no sense, but I don’t always think or behave in ways that make a lot of sense. Hello, alcoholic thinking! You’ve been identified!

In actuality, the commonalities amongst us sober folks are amazing. I am 38 days sober today, and that is not a very long time to wait to begin to experience fewer cravings during the witching hour. I didn’t notice that they were gone for awhile either… they just sorta magically went away.

And that, my friends, is a totally bitchin’ reason to feel good today.

7 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Witching Hour… You Will Not Be Missed

  1. Yes, yes, everything you said and it is sinking in more and more to me that I can trust what other’s who’ve gone ahead of me have to say and not learn the hard way. I remember when I realised that the Friday night witching hour – which for whatever reason was my worst time of the week – had just stopped. Poof. Gone. It took a few months! But isn’t it grand?

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