My Body and Mind Are Not on the Same Page

I woke up feeling sick today. Dizzy and slightly nauseous- totally reminiscent of a hangover. I am not sure what the deal is, but I am SO glad that it has nothing to do with drinking. My back has also been killing me all week. My body is not happy with me apparently, even though I feel like I’ve been being pretty darn healthy. The joys of aging, perhaps?

It might be trite and annoying, but these health-related problems have got me thinking about how lucky we are when our health is good. Acting careless with our bodies for years on end is a really easy way to end up with bad health. I always used the reasoning that a glass of wine a day is GOOD for your health. Yeah, that may be so, but buckets of wine, beer, and anything else is definitely NOT good for your health. In fact, it causes all sorts of health-related concerns.

It just goes to show how easy it is to take good health for granted, and to minimize the problems that alcohol can cause in our lives. It is so easy to put the fact that alcohol hurts our health out of our minds. To even think that we are actually HELPING things in some way by drinking wine! Yeah right, addictive voice, yeah right.

When my back stops hurting and I feel less dizzy and nauseous, I am going to start exercising more. Hello, yoga! And maybe running. I am being inspired by all of the sober bloggers who run- you guys are pretty awesome. Prevention is the best medicine, and now I am living a lifestyle where exercise fits in nicely. Before it almost seemed hypocritical to even try.

In other news, my mind is feeling great today. Very peaceful and almost (gasp!) happy feeling. The pull of drinking is lessening slightly. It is still there, and I know I need to watch out for those killer urges that come out of nowhere, but it is getting a bit easier. I am starting to register more pleasure from day-to-day stuff such as a delicious bite of food, a long walk, or a kiss from my husband. Even reading something nice gives me warm, fuzzy feelings in my brain area. Thank you sober bloggers, I enjoy reading all of your things. They make me feel pretty good.

So today I am grateful for my (mainly) good health and my brain starting to return to its normal, non-addicted state.

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